Authentication Environment

The Central Lab Facilities provide the basic infrastructure for CITEC-wide authentication to (Web) Services and user/member management. What does authentication, services, member and user management imply in this context?

  • In order to use the infrastructure, provided by the CLF, you will need a CITEC account.
  • You can get a CITEC account by contacting the CITEC-Office secretary via mail (
  • Please provide at least: Full Name, Email Address, Room Number, Group (i.e. Neuroinformatics) and Phone Number.
  • Student assistants also need a CITEC account for the services mentioned above. In this case, please also provide the contract period of the student.


Q: I have external project partners, they need access to CITEC Services.

A: Please contact

Include the following information:
  • Full Name of the applicant
  • Email Address (work address)
  • Name of project

Q: I lost my password!?

A: Please contact

Q: I’d like to change my password!?

A: Have a look at the documentation. Our Webservices password can be changed by using tfpasswd citweb.

Q: Where can I change the personal information shown on

A: There are no personal informations shown on except for graduate-school members. In that case, please contact Anything else is stored in the PEVZ Please contact your groups secretary for more information.